Alien Training

Running Fit offers a variety of programs to prepare you for your mission to Mars, regardless of your level. So strap in, find a program and get ready for blast off!

RUNNING 101 at a Running Fit near you! 

Looking to run your first 5K or brush up on your training knowlege??  Join us at one of 6 locations to train with a group for the Martian 5K!  More details HERE!


501 Running Club Introductory Classes

501 ALIEN TRAINING STATIONS in Ann Arbor and Northville/Novi.  Click HERE for registration information!

Get prepared to meet the Martians. Learn what space gear you will need to wear for your travels, how fast to time travel, what the martians are eating and what you should eat, how many light years it will take you to get the start line and details about your "space ship". Come and "try us out" and then register. If you have a fear of "flying", we can take you to the leader for orientation.

For more information on Running Fit 501, visit our website.

Interplanetary Practices

Steer your space ship to any Running Fit store. 501 runs are once midweek and every Saturday for a long run with a bunch of other running creatures for a long distance training run. Each Saturday you Earthlings will run on a course free of dust and rock, and sometimes a solid surface with plenty of oxygen.

Each week you will be sent, via “space travel mail”, a dust free training map using the MSA’s (Martian Space Administration) spacial-relationship viewer. Save this map for future travel to the Running Fit store on Saturday. The course will change weekly so make sure your home devices will accept “space travel mail” from your head coach at the space station of your destiny.

Ground Control

Coach Gina is the "alien commander" and she will guide you to the correct station to get your rigorous program started and the "space station's head coach" will get you to the final destination on April 12, 2014. The commander will also make sure you receive the following:

  • The official superior “Alien” 10K, Half or Full training schedule for Earthlings of all abilities.

  • The interplanetary ground control committee designed training shirt.

  • Advice and guidance from experts and professionals.

  • Weekly tips via “space travel mail” to help you train like and “alien” and not get caught by one.


18 Week Training for Martian 10K, Half and Full Marathon

  • $175 New Members & $145 Returning Members

  • Start December 17th and get 4 MORE weeks of training for FREE!!! You can continue to train with the 501 runners right up to May 31, 2014!

  • More Info & Registration

Martian adventures certainly have come down in price. Be the first on your block to say: "I'm training to run with the aliens!" Don’t waste another minute, “the Martians are coming!” Be prepared and ready for the attack..

Rates are pro-rated from your start date.

Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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